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Explore the fusion of creativity and technology in our TOP EVENTS, showcasing the most intriguing aspects of our metaverse alliances, intertwining imaginative ideas with cutting-edge technological advancements.


LoFi Town

Become a Citizen of LoFi Town

Join LoFi Town virtual immigration program and receive an airdrop of Leaf Tokens upon entry. Limited to 1,200 new immigrants! Plus, get a chance to win one of 100 free apartments in the city through a special lottery. Don't miss out on this opportunity to call LoFi Town your new home!

LoFi Town
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AlliMeta + Coinsbit

TWe are delighted to announce that Coinsbit, one of the leading global centralized exchanges, has extended an invitation to AlliMeta for the listing of our token, ALIT on 7/4. We are honored to have been chosen by Coinsbit, which further validates our vision and positions AlliMeta for significant growth and success.

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LoFi Town

Just a Few Notes

This is the first chapter of the Lofi Town's P2E (Play to Earn) mini novel, where you will play the virtual character 'ME' and embark on an unforgettable city journey. It is based on the prototype of the Tamagotchi pet game, built on the blockchain. The game is completely free (gasless signature), so you don't need to understand virtual currency or have any ETH to get started.

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Your Virtual Criminal Life

Introducing SinMeta - the world's first "theme metaverse". With SinMeta, you'll be transported to a fully immersive virtual world where you can live out your wildest criminal fantasies while earning real cryptocurrency. You'll start your journey as a small-time criminaland building your criminal empire.

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Help AlliMeta verify the concept of metaverse AI agents and win LEAF tokens.
Phase 1: 5/9 15:00 (UTC+8) - 5/11 15:00 (UTC+8)
Phase 2: 5/16 15:00 (UTC+8) - 5/18 15:00 (UTC+8)
Phase 3: 5/23 15:00 (UTC+8) - 5/25 15:00 (UTC+8)

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AlliMeta, a metaverse builder for everyone

AlliMeta is a user-friendly metaverse network ecosystem and application framework that enables businesses and communities to quickly build their own exclusive metaverse projects. Within the metaverses generated by AlliMeta, there is a 2D map layer connected to the blockchain, a 3D world experience layer, an NFT market, token issuance, and virtual asset economics, as well as customizable web2 and web3 services.

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BLOCK, a digital twin generation platform for metaverse

BLOCK is a digital twin generation platform that enables metaverse to engage in realistic activities. BLOCK allows metaverse citizens to view the virtual world from a new perspective, visualize data, experience simulation and make more informed decisions.

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AlliMeta-AI, empowering AI Agents in the AlliMeta Metaverse Ecosystem

We want to make virtual humans in the metaverse smarter by using Auto-GPT technology to help them understand human language and emotions. Auto-GPT is an AI application powered by GPT-4 that can help manage and explore the metaverse.

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AlliMeta Road Map

We believe that building virtual worlds should not be a daunting task, reserved only for the wealthy or large corporations. As a result, the AlliMeta team was officially established in November 2021 and began formal development in January 2022. We expanded existing metaverse development tools into a multi-user platform, aiming to provide the necessary infrastructure and tools for designing, developing, and launching metaverses to individuals or teams without 3D, internet, or blockchain programming skills. This lowers the technical barriers, development costs, and time for building metaverses. By offering user-friendly tools and features that enable anyone to create and manage their own metaverse, our goal is to allow businesses and communities to quickly build their metaverse projects and create a platform that is open and inclusive to everyone.


Development Phase

Constructing the foundational system for AlliMeta, which includes:

  • Infrastructure and tools layer,
  • 3D experiential layer,
  • 2D map layer,
  • Blockchain layer.


Promotion Phase

Constructing the business and economic ecosystem of AlliMeta, including:

  • Token economy,
  • Establishing a closed-loop metaverse economy,
  • Developing successful business models,
  • Initiating the inclusion of alliance partners,
  • Feasibility study of AI in the AlliMeta metaverse.


Expansion Phase

Expanding AlliMeta's global market share, including:

  • Maximizing the number of AlliMeta alliance partners,
  • Helping alliance partners succeed,
  • Promoting tokenization of physical assets and integrating them into the AlliMeta ecosystem,
  • Introducing AlliMeta VR,
  • Using AI (image to 3d model) to construct 3D objects and avatars.

2025 - beyond

AlliMeta Decentralization

Achieving decentralization for AlliMeta, including:

  • Implementing DAO governance,
  • Distributed storage of metaverse digital data,
  • Centralized AI computation for metaverse imagery??
  • AI-managed metaverse??


The token design of AlliMeta aims to align the interests of all participants, allowing each participant not only to circulate their personal virtual assets but also to have the opportunity to profit from their contributions to the AlliMeta metaverse ecosystem. Please note that the token distribution plan for AlliMeta will be adjusted in terms of specific proportions and strategies based on the project's regulations, requirements, and market feedback. All participants in the AlliMeta metaverse ecosystem need to understand in advance that AlliMeta tokens are functional tokens used within the AlliMeta ecosystem and are not financial investment products. Please familiarize yourself with the relevant laws and regulations in your region before holding them.

ALIT Token

ALIT tokens are the functional tokens of AlliMeta; they are the primary tokens used for specific economic purposes within the AlliMeta ecosystem, facilitating the operation of the economic system. ALIT tokens are Ethereum ERC-20 tokens, with a maximum supply of 200 million.

1. Decentralized exchanges (40%): Allocate 80 million ALIT tokens to decentralized exchanges to promote market liquidity and price stability. This helps attract more users and investors, creating a stable market for the token.

2. Centralized exchanges (30%): Allocate 60 million ALIT tokens to centralized exchanges, allowing users to easily buy and sell ALIT tokens. This helps increase the token's exposure and circulation.

3. Development team (20%): Allocate 40 million ALIT tokens to the development team to support ongoing product development, operations, and maintenance. To ensure long-term commitment from the team, consider setting a vesting schedule for this portion of tokens, such as releasing 5% annually in four stages.

4. Community and incentive programs (10%): Allocate 20 million tokens for community building, marketing campaigns, community rewards, and more. This helps motivate community members to actively participate and generate more exposure and user base for the project. Set a vesting schedule for this portion of tokens, such as releasing 2.5% annually in four stages.

LEAF Token

LEAF tokens are the functional tokens of AlliMeta, used within the AlliMeta ecosystem for specific marketing activities as auxiliary tokens. LEAF tokens are Ethereum ERC-20 tokens, with no maximum supply limit.

The supply of LEAF tokens is regulated by the burning mechanism of events/games within the AlliMeta ecosystem, such as daily visits, check-ins, games, and more. In short, LEAF can expand or contract within specific time windows based on activities. LEAF tokens are obtained (minted) by completing events/games and spent (burned) through various other events/games.